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Exquisite Chinese New Year Puddings

Executive Chinese Chef Leung Fai Hung of Hoi King Heen presents a host of home-made Chinese New year puddings with five different flavours featuring traditional all-time favourites and innovative creations, which are perfect for gifting to wish family, friends and business partners a prosperous and fruitful Year of the Pig. Enjoy 15% early bird discounts on or before 15 January 2019!

Turnip Pudding
Making from the authentic recipe, Turnip Pudding adopts the finest ingredients, from premium turnip, Japanese conpoy to Japanese mushroom, dried shrimp and local Chinese sausages. 


Taro Pudding
The flavour of Taro Pudding is much enhanced with the diced purple yam then topped with cordyceps flowers. This pudding is undoubtedly the spotlight in this Chinese New Year.  


Sweet Potato & Sugar Cane Pudding
The most desired creation – the sophisticated two-layered Sweet Potato and Sugar Cane Pudding returns for an utmost delicacy.  


Hazelnut Chrysanthemum Pudding
Hazelnut Chrysanthemum Pudding is a new creation that is limitedly offered this year. Baby chrysanthemum from Hangzhou lends a pleasant subtle sweetness to the pudding with a strong aftertaste. Topped with crushed hazelnut, this wholesome pudding helps relieve heat from liver and improve vision.


Egg Custard Glutinous Pearl Pudding
Egg Custard Glutinous Pearl Pudding is making its debut and limitedly served this year. The rich and smooth egg custard is perfectly made from premium salted egg yolk and silky milk, then added with tapioca black pearls bringing a hint of chewy and gelatinous texture. With its playful dotted appearance, this pudding is certainly the best Chinese New Year gift unlike others.


Selling period: From now until 4 February 2019
Pick-up period: From 22 January 2019 to 4 February 2019, 11:30am - 10:00pm  

Please call +852 2731 2883 or email at for enquires.