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The First Guest Bartender at Tiffany's New York Bar in 2019

Beyond your imagination of flavours 

Join us to explore the infinite possibilities of flavours together on January 25 for one night only. Our first guest bartender at Tiffany’s New York Bar in 2019 Mr. Seven Yi, the owner of ROOM by Le Kief in Taiwan, will lead you to an inconceivable journey with his signature cocktails that blend his expertise in kitchen and bar.

With his professional background in both bar and restaurant, Seven crafts innovative cocktails combining food and drinks via distilling liquid from foods such as toasted bread, tomato, or even grass. For one night only on January 25, Seven will showcase three of his signature cocktails from Taiwan namely Makao, Cat and Cocoa. In addition, he will specially create a limited edition cocktail tailored to Hong Kong during this visit.

Makao is inspired by makauy, a unique aboriginal spice only grown in Taiwan. He mixes makauy with distilled liquid from tomato and plum ice stick to shape the taste of sliced tomato platter, a nostalgic snack in Tainan.

Cat blends distilled liquid from bread, yogurt and then beautifully garnished with cotton candy that reminds one’s childhood memory of favourite snack.

A fragrant cocktail featuring cocoa, maple and orange bitter with an orange sugar flake covered on the glass.

Each cocktail is priced at HK$118 (subject to a 10% service charge) while a flight boasting three cocktails costs HK$350 net.

His creative concoctions will surely impress and awaken your senses.

Please call +852 2721 5161 or email at for enquiries.